We also cater private transfer here with BCN Montjuic Tourist Point.  Travel at ease from airport pick up and airport transfer. Listed below are the packages we can serve for you.

Luggage Packages

Pinoy Driver in Spain
Pinoy Driver in Spain


  • For airport pick up, the maximum waiting time at the arrival area from the time the plane landed is 1 hour for a small group (3-9 persons), and 1 and half hour for a large group (10 persons or more), plus 30 minutes traveling time. Overtime pay shall be charged accordingly after the allocated time.

  • Airport transfer prices are one-way and only valid within the city center.

  • Children are included in the total number of passengers. Please indicate the appropriate age for a  car seat or booster.

  • There will be an additional 25% + tax as a nocturnal charge from 20:00 to 07:00.

  • Traveling time from Barcelona Airport to the city is a maximum of 30 minutes. 


Transfer Form

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